What to Write in Funeral Cards

Funeral cards are those cards that have to be sent to close friends and relatives of the deceased, several days before the funeral will be held. It is some kind of an invitation card, inviting people to join you in honoring the death of your loved one. Creating funeral cards may not be that easy especially since you are still feeling very emotional because of the loss of a loved one.  But with the help of funeral program templates online at this site, creating printable funeral cards should be easier and cheaper.

If you go online and use a free template from Funeral Pamphlets to create funeral program cards, you will be presented with several choices. Here are some tips to help you in making the best decision.

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Choose the Right Design

First, make sure that you choose the design that is not over the top or those that are inappropriately cheery. Even if the death of someone is a sad experience, you need to express happy thoughts on the funeral card but not to make it appear like some sort of a greeting card. The best choice of design is one that has soft color palettes and is made of shades that are gentle on the eyes. You can go for the design that has cursive fonts, but extra bold fonts that are difficult to read should be avoided.

Include a Short Prayer or Poem

It is also a great idea to include a short prayer or a poem on the funeral card. The prayer or poem should be something that is directed to the deceased and of course, you need to mention the name of the deceased as well. You can use large fonts when it comes to this and perhaps, bold the letters of the name of the deceased. Some of the free templates of funeral cards already come with a poem and a prayer so you may want to choose that kind of design.

funeral templateDetails of the Funeral Service

It is also important that you mention the details about the funeral service on your funeral card. Inform them of where the funeral service is to be held, the date and the exact time. Of course, the location should be included as well and perhaps the complete address as well as instructions on how to get there. You may want to inform guests to arrive at least 10 – 20 minutes before the funeral service so that you can start the funeral service on time.

Names of Family Members

It is also a good idea to include the names of the family of the deceased, such as the parents, spouse, kids, etc. The name of the grandparents and grand kids will be included as well.


There are templates for funeral cards that will include a space where you can place the photo of the deceased, so use these types of funeral cards if you want to add a photo of your dearly departed. You can also include some background image on the funeral cards and make sure that the image is related to death, such as a very serene landscape.

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Proper Format for Writing an Obituary

Creating an obituary for a person you love may not be easy. As you know, losing someone dear to you is a very emotional experience. But keep in mind that an obituary is something that should be done with utmost care and thought. Just like the funeral itself, obituary is very important as it acknowledges the loss of your special someone. If you need to create an obituary, here is the proper format that you can follow.

Announcement of Death

The obituary must start with the name of the deceased, age and the place of residence at the time of death. The announcement can be communicated in various ways. You can say “went to be with the Lord”, “passed away”, “after a long struggle”, “surrounded by her family”, etc. You can simply say “died”, but some people might find this to be too blunt, and thus, using flowery phrases such as the ones mentioned is a much proper way of announcing the death of someone. But when it comes to the announcement, you can basically say it in whatever means you are comfortable with.

Biographical Sketch

Remember that an obituary is not a biography. It is recounting one of the most important qualities, events and memories in a person’s life. Remember that each and every human being’s life is unique, but the most important milestones in all of our lives are birthday, wedding day, baptism, etc.

On this section of the obituary, you can include the parents’ names, grandparents, spouse or partner’s name, children, grandkids, educational attainment, work, military service, etc. It is also important to keep in mind that an obituary is not some kind of a legal document. So if possible, you don’t need to mention about the divorce, adoption, etc.


It has been said that the funeral is in fact for the living. This is the same with the obituary. It is for the living too and the most important section of the obituary is the listing of the surviving family members. So right after you have created the biographical sketch, the next thing to write on the obituary is the Family details.

Among the family details is the name of spouse, kids, grand kids, great grand kids, parents, siblings, etc. In some instances where there are just too many grand kids, you can simply mention “many grandchildren”. It is also important to include the partner’s surname if he or she is not yet married to the deceased.

Service Time

After the family details, the next thing to include on the obituary is the information about the funeral service, which should include the date and time. The local tradition and religious beliefs will often vary, so you better consult with the local papers for the specific order of service, the time, date, etc.

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What Information is in an Obituary Program Template?

While each and every newspaper might be a bit different when it comes to obituaries, the general format of an obituary is pretty much the same. If you are trying to make an obituary for a deceased loved one, yet you don’t have any idea on how to go about it, refer below on what information is in an obituary program template.

Name and Announcement

The first paragraph is where the name and the announcement will be written. Here is the information that should be in the first paragraph of the obituary:

  • Full name of the deceased including nickname, the first name and last name.
  • Age of the person at the time of death.
  • Place of residence of the person during the final moments of his or her life.
  • Date of death, including the day and time, if possible.
  • Place where the person died.
  • Cause of death.

Life of the Deceased

The obituary should also include information about the life of the person and these details will have to be included on the second paragraph. Here’s the information:

  • Birth date of the person.
  • Place of birth.
  • Names of parents.
  • Siblings, schools, childhood friends, stories, etc.
  • Marriage details, including the name of spouse, date of marriage, place, etc.
  • Education which includes high school, college, university, etc.
  • Designations, including awards and recognition.
  • Employment which includes details about their past job, stories, colleagues, activities, promotions, satisfactions, etc.
  • Charitable institutions that the person is supporting, organizations that he or she is part of, etc.
  • Hobbies that include interests, sports, activities and others.
  • Interesting facts and humorous stories about the person and other attributes.

Family Details

The family details is where the information about the family of the person. It starts by saying “survived by…” and then followed by the name of spouse, kids, grand kids, great grand children, great grand children, parents, grandparents, siblings, nephew, nieces, cousins, in-laws, etc. If the deceased has a pet, then it can be mentioned on the family details.

obituary program

Funeral Service

This part is where the information about the date, day, time and place of the funeral service will be place. This will also include name of the officiating minister, pallbearers, and others who will participate on the celebration. This also includes visiting information and schedule, reception information, place of interment, etc. The name of the funeral home can also be mentioned on this part. Basically, this part should include all information that the ones attending will find useful.

Final Part

The final part of the obituary is where the memorial funds will be established. This also includes information on where the donations will have to be coursed through. As such, the information of the charity and organization will also be included here.

In conclusion of the obituary, favorite quotations, songs, poems and other sayings will have to be included. Basically, this part should be a summary of the life of the deceased person which will have to be presented in the form of a poem, song, quotes, etc.

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Options for the Memorial Service Invitations for your Son or Daughter

The death of your son or daughter can probably be something that you never expect to be happening. The experience is truly devastating that you will be at a loss on how and when to start planning for the memorial service. The first step is to actually prepare the memorial service invitations to be given to friends and relatives especially those who live in another state, like in New York or Los Angeles. The invitation is your way of letting them know about the death of your son and when the memorial service and the funeral will take place. At this time of grief, it will certainly be a big help if you have your friends and relatives around you. Here are your options when it comes to the memorial service invitations.

Order the Invitations Online

In this day and age of the Internet, everything can be bought online and that includes the invitations for your son’s memorial service. The great thing about buying online is that you will have the freedom to decide for the design and theme of the invitations and you can even come up with your own memorial invitation wording.

You can also choose to attach a photo of your son, his favorite poem, songs, and pretty much everything that you want to be included on the card. After that, the website will print the invitations for you and will mail them to your address.

Create the Invitations Yourself

Creating the memorial service invitation cards is another option that you may want to consider. It is therapeutic and could somehow help you in dealing with the loss of your son.

To begin with, you have to search online for websites that offer a free memorial service template. There are so many of them now so looking for one should not be that hard. Once you found the website, choose from a wide range of printable memorial service invitation cards and then download the template of your choice. After that, edit the template and add details about your son’s memorial service and include his photo as well. Then print them out and place them inside the envelope. That’s how easy it is to make the invitation cards using the free funeral service template.

What is the Best Option?

The two options come with their own pros and cons so you really need to think hard enough on which one is best for you. If you choose to order the memorial invitation cards online, you will not need to exert a lot of effort but remember that there might be a delay in sending the invitation cards to your address.

If you create the invitations yourself, you can print as many invitations as you like but you cannot guarantee that it will turn out great especially if it is your first time doing it. Nevertheless, you can be assured that the printable memorial invitation cards template is easy to use so there is nothing to worry about. So weigh your options and decide what’s best for you.

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forever cemeteries

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Founded in 1835, Forever Oak Hill Cemetery has been an integral part of the growth of Kirkwood and surrounding communities for almost 170 years. Yet the cemetery is more active today than ever in its history. While the cemetery is a rich source of area history, it is also leading the industry into the future with its unique LifeStories™ technology.


Since taking over ownership of the outdated cemetery in 2001, Forever Enterprises has restored and refurbished historic buildings and gardens throughout the park. New roads, garden signs, and water features are now completed as well as several major construction projects. A grand chapel with a community mausoleum and a full-service funeral home has been conveniently established on the cemetery grounds. Today, Forever Oak Hill is a jewel in Kirkwood’s crown.

Forever Oak Hill is the oldest cemetery in St. Louis County and one of the first rural cemeteries in St. Louis. Forever Oak Hill Cemetery, with its 55 acres of rolling hills and carefully selected trees, had become the cemetery of choice for families moving to the blossoming suburbs of Kirkwood and Webster Groves after the Civil War. Dozens of Dogwood trees became a renowned spectacle each spring, bringing hundreds of sightseers to see these blooming trees plus Ash, Hickory and a variety of Maple trees providing breathtaking color in the fall.

By the early 1900s, a wide variety of stone monuments and sculptures filled the gardens, honoring the loved ones of some of the area’s pioneering families. Among the notables burihomeoaked in Forever Oak Hill are Benjamin Gratz Brown, Governor of Missouri from 1870 to 1872, Lieutenant Colonel John Knapp who led his Union regiment at Camp Jackson in 1861, Confederate General Daniel March Frost, and Captain Lorraine Farquhar Jones who served in the Confederacy’s Army of Northern Virginia. The names of many familiar Kirkwood and Webster Groves families are engraved on its tombstones, including Sappington, Leffingwell, Edwards, Bopp, Trembly, Joy, Warren and Kendrick.

Forever has also installed unique LifeStories™ touch screens throughout the park which feature thousand of LifeStories™ of area residents. Made from photos, film clips, written and spoken words, these LifeStories™ are stored permanently in a digital archive, and made available through interactive computer touch screens throughout the park.

What’s the big deal about a cemetery and funeral home in one location?

Funeral, interment and cremation services require smooth coordination of several services. We provide and coordinate everything you and your family will need for a valuable and seamless memorial experience. This ensures that a very important day is not entrusted to different companies attempting to work together. At Forever Funeral Homes and Cemeteries, we provide more than expected for our families.

Lifestory_ConsoleHostess serving freshly baked cookies ~ A part of the exceptional Forever service philosophy is providing refreshments to family members during the arrangement conference. Continuing this philosophy throughout the visitation, hostess/ servers and staff offer homemade cookies, fresh coffee, and tea while maintaining the refreshment area.

Parking assistance ~ Uniformed individuals provide parking assistance to all visitors and family members. As guests leave a visitation, these families are given a thank you card with a mint on behalf of the family.

Laminated keepsakes ~ The personalized bookmark program features a memorable full color laminated keepsake with the obituary on the reverse side. Also, prayer cards and/or service folders are laminated and given to the immediate family.

Crypt side/Grave side ceremonial services ~ Pallbearer ceremony, family keepsake floral tributes, special services for veterans.

Obituary Program service ~ A family’s heritage is better preserved with an obituary service. The obituary is posted online for family and friends to visit. This is a continual service allowing the information to be preserved on the website as a part of a family’s heritage.

Grave side Funeral Services

Messages ~  offers friends and family an online forum to leave messages of condolences which are preserved on the website as another part of a family’s heritage.

Services ~ Family and friends may have access to preserved Forever Tributes, personal comments, eulogies, and funeral services.

Forever Tribute ~ Memories are extremely fragile. In time, they fade. Details are lost. That’s why people collect photographs and family albums, and record major life events on film and video tape. A chapter captures a special memory or moment in time, a priceless keepsake provided to every family honoring the life of your loved one. Hotel/Airline bereavement discounts ~ Family members and friends from out of town are provided assistance securing discounts with airlines and hotels.

Photograph keepsakes of floral tributes ~ Forever captures digital photographs of all floral tributes received for the family and provides color pictures to assist the family with writing personalized thank you notes.

Event planning ~ Forever specialists assist from floral tributes and food options to personalizing a funeral service with musicians, eulogy planning and special ceremonies.

Forever Cemetery Interment Set Up ~ The personalized interment funeral service is complimented with bottled water, an outside speaker system, and complimentary floral arrangements.

You only need one…

one group of service professionals
…one location eliminates funeral procession on overcrowded streets and highways
…one beautiful chapel and garden for funeral and burial
…one lower total package price for funeral and cemetery
…one phone call for complete final arrangement
Forever Oak Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery
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